Windows VPS

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windows server

We constantly use VPS solutions to verify and probe networks. We trust our provider with out hosting.
They offer virtual servers which can run server 2012, 2016, and 2019 (Windows Operating system).

Many network engineers focusing on Cisco technologies are not very familiar with Windows servers. As
a regular user of the windows operating system you might have thought that Windows was more of just a laptop or desktop operating system. This is certainly not the case. Windows Server has been around since the infamous server 2003 Operating System.

Windows Server has been the backbone of millions of businesses. This it’s important as a Cisco network engineer that you understand Windows Server. You can easily play around and poke inside the server operating system by getting a Windows VPS.

The virtual servers from our host, ArticHost, come with Remote Desktop pre-enabled, and they are online 24/7. Your server will never experience downtime, and can be accessed from anywhere you choose. The Windows Firewall is not like a Cisco ASA, it’s easy to configure (joking).

Finally, Windows is pretty secure out of the Box. Microsoft has designed it such that even people not familiar with networking can secure and maintain it.